Intensely spiritual, multidimensionally aware, Self - Realized,

                          Clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient from a near death 
                          experience at the early age of five years old. Ever since, an 
                          empath, a seer and aware of the spirit realm and dimensional 
                          reality of creation. Trained in early adulthood in several
                          modalities of extrasensory perception, channeling, soul 
                          communication and spirit connection.
                          Trained in several energy work modalities with focus on clearing
                          the soul's path of destiny, life's work and purpose through life. 
                          From early in life interested in the paranormal and supernatural 
                          which lead to learning and understanding the quantum physics 
                          reality of creation, that all things in the realm of matter is 
                          fundamentally made up of energy.

                          Having operated an energy work practice steadily since 1992 and 
                          worked with people from all walks of life, many countries and
                          cultures. Working energy therapies in healing work sessions both
                          in person and long distance. Experiencing messages from higher
                          planes and dimensions coming through the sessions developed 
                          into private reading sessions and mediumship. Continuously
                          expanding and advancing through a myriad of initiations and
                          activations has added many new ways of removing obstacles, 
                          working energy clearing programs that need no appointment 
                          or time off of work for the client.