Readings / mediumship / messages.            -            $1.500

All sessions are 1 hr, by appointment only, prepaid and recorded for your benefit. Recording is emailed the same day. All work is focused on life's work, purpose, destiny path, goals and how to reach them, the path to follow to accomplish all that is to be accomplished in this life.

Retainers.            -            $15.000

All consulting retainers are at a minimum of 10 hrs. With a retainer you need not make an appointment, only call or text and have time set aside for you the same day, if not immediately. You do not need to use a whole hour but you may use however much or little time that you need each moment. With a retainer you are being continuously infused with blessings energies that flow from the healer.

Business building packages.            -            $100.000

Business building packages are retainers for a 2 year period of total attention and include unlimited; a multitude of clearing programs, healing sessions, consultations, readings / channeled messages, removal of obstacles, life coaching, assistance through astrological shifts and energy portals, guidance and direction, continuous infusion of high positive energies and endlessly so much more. Always profoundly life changing, intensly expansive and sometimes even quite spiritual. Very big, heavily infected jobs, that would take more time, will be charged differently and have a different time frame set to them. In such cases it is discussed and agreed upon beforehand. Very big goals have an additional bonus agreement attached to them, paid upon achievement of goal or at the end of the 2 year period.

Prepackage consultation.            -            $1.500

This is a 1 - 2 hr session, by appointment. In this consultation we go over everything that needs to be addressed in the package experience. It includes readings and contact with the spirit world, establishing the present conditions and all goals for the future end result, structuring a plan of order, information for the client of what can be experienced and expected, and ever so much more.

Singular sessions may be payed via PayPay. Larger sums are paid through bank wires.